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10 Aww-dorable Things Dogs Do

Author: Ragini Mehra

When we say dogs are the cutest, the most adorable beings ever, we are damn serious. And hey, we don't just say anything until we have solid proof (just like the dog next door, who wouldn't budge an inch from your most beautiful couch until he smells the chicken flavoured cookies). If you don't believe us, scroll down to see 10 oh-so-cute things that dogs do!

Situation #1 To pamper you when you are unwell, your dad comes and feeds you a spoonful of Digene. A few drops fall down and before you know, Fido comes and licks it off the floor. Now, isn't that incredibly cute and extremely responsible behaviour on his part? Meet Fido, the mobile mop.


Situation #2 You're trying to compile some important reports over the weekend so that it's not a bloody Monday after all. Fido decides to melt your heart right then by pressing some keys on your laptop. Who cares about Mondays and bosses when you have such pawsome company?


Situation #3 The air conditioner is being too sweet and all you need is a light blanket to make yourself comfortable. And some furry paws with a heavy tail, which wags non-stop. And a wet nose, which rests on your wrist. The perfect recipe for a cozy evening. Does your dog try to sneak into your bed too? Share pictures on our Facebook page!


Situation #4 Fido just ran about the house and broke a couple of vases. He also ate up your favourite pair of shoes and the cushions in the drawing room. As you go on to show him a slap, he lovingly licks your palm. Now who can slap or scold their pooch after this? We can use this transformation of anger to a zillion cuddles and kisses to define the word ‘cute’ in the next edition of the Oxford dictionary.


Situation #5 The licking business is okay but what was Fido’s reaction when he was caught red-handed? Heard of guilty dogs, anyone? They are absolutely correct when they say guilty dogs are the most adorable. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Watch this video to find out:

Situation #6 Everytime Fido gets a new toy, he probably thinks it will emit some kind of treat if he completes 9 rounds running around the dining table with the toy in his mouth. Please note it has to be 9 rounds (not more, not less) because the little girl in the house has just that much stamina. Imagine the furball running about the house, with his tail up and wagging! Aww, I think I’ll have to take a break from writing and get back after a cuddle session. 


Situation #7 Now imagine Fido suddenly abandoning the table and running about in circles to catch his tail! The little baby wasn’t given thumbs which could be easily sucked and he had to beat the human baby in cuteness. Thus, the tail catching. I love dogs. Period.

Situation #8 We are super happy that Fido excelled at his training session. Now he can sit, eat, roll, shake hands and do a lot of other intelligent things. But wait a minute, our sweetheart doggy understood quite the opposite. He thinks shaking hands is a way to ask for treats. Any tips on how we can teach him, because our hearts melt looking at this adorable pooch every single time he lifts his paw out of turn.


Situation #9 We are proud to announce that Fido doesn’t eat until he is asked to dig in. However, with all the table manners, he has a white snout everytime he finishes his curd meal. And I feel like kissing him right then. You know what stops me? The next minute when he heads out to try to eat poop (his own and others’) or digs into our dustbin for those mango peels. Wondering if Mom also finds this as cute as I do…

Situation #10 Last but not the least, we are all Indians at heart. Thus, our little Fido learnt Bharatanatyam to make us all proud! Every step you take, every sound you make, every dish you cook, you’ll be showered with head tilts. So much love, oh so much love!


What aww-dorable things does your dog do? We would love to know! Share your stories with us in the Comments section below.


  • Wonderfully written! It makes up for such a pleasant read. Each and every situation can’t help but remind you of one or the other pooch in your life! :)

    Sarthak Pandit
  • So true all! Loved reading this blog! 😍😍

  • Rushil, true! That should definitely be on the list :D

    Ragini Mehra
  • Situation #7 is just ❤️
    Another situation is when Fido helps the human to finish the food which human doesn’t like very much 🙈

    Rushil Soni
  • V well written and true😊

    Renu Mehra

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