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10 Human Foods That Are Toxic For Dogs

Us hoomans love to eat our salty or savoury or sweet snacks all the time. But when our cute doggos look at us with their signature puppy dog eyes, we might be tempted to share our tiny snacks with them. However, there are a lot of hooman ingredients that are harmful for our precious babies

Please read this article in order to understand what can and can't be given to our precious babies. 

  1. Chocolates: They might be sweet delicious treats for us hoomans, but for our doggos they contain chemicals that prevent them from digesting this delicious treat. Caffeine and theobromine and two chemical present in this, that belong to the methylxanthine family, which prevents them from metabolizing this sugary treat. 


  2. Grapes/Raisins: Grapes and raisins are dangerous because they have tartaric acid! These simple delicious looking food items can cause serious conditions like kidney failure to death in doggos because of the presence of tartaric acid in them. 


  3. Avocado: A favourite european fruit is also not good for our dogs because of the presence of the chemical persin in it. The reactions produced from eating this can vary from diarrhea to heart congestion. In case of ingestion, they have to monitored carefully and taken to the vet in case of any signs of discomfort appears. 

  4. Coffee: As mentioned earlier, caffeine is a chemical that can not be metabolized by our precious doggos. In chocolate these are found in trace amounts as compared to a cup of coffee. From high blood pressure to elevated heart rate, these are some of the common effects that can be seen in doggos that have had some coffee. 

  5. Macademia nuts/Almonds/Pistachios, etc: There are various factors that make these small delicious dry fruits dangerous for doggos. Starting at their small size, these nuts can become a choking hazard for your pooches. Then the unknown chemicals in macademia nuts and the excess amounts of fat present in the pistachios make sure to cause some disease for your pooch. 

  6. Sweetened Ice Cream: Not only are our doggos lactose intolerant, they also suffer from serious consequences due to the large amounts of sugar present in an ice cream. Apart from causing digestive issues; obesity, dental problems and diabetes can happen to dogs after eating ice creams. 

  7. Onions: Keep onions away from your doggos! The compound, N-propyl disulfide, is present in onion which causes the red blood cells in dogs to undergo breakdown. They combine with the oxygen of the blood, resulting in anemia. 

  8. Mustard seeds: These are a big no-no for your dogs. These little seeds can cause illnesses like vomiting to gastroenteritis in dogs. 

  9. Alcohol: Alcohol is not really good for hoomans and it's even more letheal for dogs. Unlike hoomans, dogs can't metabolize alcohol making it unhealthy and toxic. It can cause lethargy, respiratory depression and dangerously low body temperature in our doggos. 

  10. Salty snacks: Just like excessive sugar is bad so is excessive salt for dogs. Excessive salt consumption can lead to rapid dehydration within their cells, further leading to leathargy, confusion and other detrimental neurological conditions caused by brain swelling. 


As you can see, there are a lot of things that might harm our precious doggos, from something as small as too much salt to chocolate. We have to be very careful while planning and feeding our precious babies to prevent any mishaps from happening. 

Till then, lots of woofs and wags to you!

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