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Here’s What I Learnt When I Adopted My First Ever Dog

Author: Richa Sharma

Before starting anything, I want to personally thank For The Fur Kids for giving me a platform where I can share my views with everyone.

It all started on 6th October, 2018 when we decided to adopt our Mylo, as the name suggests it’s a short form of “My Love". We just went that day for coffee with family but at that time I wasn’t expecting that we will return with a cute little surprise.

I also want to thank “People For Animals”, because they are doing an amazing job by providing these puppies with a forever home. Mylo is not from any special breed, he is just special in his own way and what I found is that every dog is special in it’s own way.

It’s almost one year when we adopted him and he is now a part of our family. When he came home he was so quite and we were thinking that he might be sick or he didn’t like his new home. But within 2 days he started running here and there.

I still remember his little paws, always wagging cute little tail, his small legs and his pink tongue. His small eyes filled with love. It’s like he is a big bundle of joy for all of us. He is a poser, always poses for camera. My Mylo is like a super model for all of us. And sometimes he poses better than all of us, he is like our poster boy.


Whenever after a tough day at work we come back home and see his face, it feels like all our worries just flew away. His level of excitement never slows down. He always dances around the whole house whenever we come back home. It feels like he is saying where were you this whole day, I was waiting for you. In his eyes, I see a soul full of positivity and happiness.


His eyes says so much about how he feels about us. Every dog is special in itself it just takes a caring heart to feel this.

Today we are so obsessed with buying costly breeds that we are forgetting these Indian dogs are special too. They take care of our colonies, markets and shops at night. They just want your love and care and attention. I always suggest everyone that “Don’t shop, adopt". Because these dogs are living on roads in summers when the temperature is over 45 degrees, and in winters when temperature is below 5 degrees, and also in rain. They get ill, they feel hunger, pain, sadness and happiness. We can change their life even with our small acts. They don’t need any fancy clothes or any fancy dish. Our love and care is all they need!

So with this post I would like you to take a moment and think about how you can change their lives. And please do remember that animals have feelings too and the Mother Earth is for everyone. Thank you once again for reading this. Please do think about adopting a dog because “One love is all we need".




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