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Django’s Adoption Story: First Ever Adoption by For The Fur Kids

Just like most special things, we too had humble beginnings. Working with limited capacity, we were hoping to facilitate a dog adoption some day. And one fine Wednesday morning, someone reached out to us on Instagram and told us about some puppies born in Noida. We were then connected to a kind soul who was fostering the puppies, taking them for vaccinations, feeding them and giving them so much love. 

Django Adoption for the fur kids

Thus, we put up our first ever dog adoption post for Jack. Very apprehensive as to what to write, how to promote, where to share it and so on, we finally managed to spread some word about it.  

Here is a picture of Jack and his foster mum:

foster a dog for the fur kids

Two people were interested but nothing seemed to work. We decided not to give up and finally were somewhat satisfied about the third adoption lead we got. We spoke with the couple from CR Park, exchanged pictures, got the adoption formalities started and took the foster mom’s help to get the house check done. Everything seemed great and we waited for the adoption day to come.

The couple (read new parents!) met the fosters on 11th February 2017, just before Valentine’s Day. Love was in the air and they instantly fell in love with Jack! Check out this picture from the adoption day:

Django dog adoption day

Jack was adopted and his foster mom was over the moon too. Knowing how things unfolded after that, we feel we couldn’t have found a better family for the darling puppy. Ipshita Bhattacharyya and her husband adopted Jack, now Django, and have been the most doting pet parents ever since. 

pet parents adoption

Jack was all set to go to his forever home and loved the car ride! 

Django dog adopted

This is how the little baby was pampered on his first day in his home sweet home:

cute puppy adoption

Some more post adoption pictures of Django:

dog adoption story

Sending some love your way!

cute dog adopted 

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