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Amazing Makeshift Shelter Ideas We Can Take Inspiration From

Us hoomans are capable of great innovative and architecural feats. In fact the buildings that we live in would not have even existed if it weren't for our amazing skills. This article is to shed light on such amazing people who have used their amazing skills to help make the lives of our dear furry friends a little easier.  

  1. Stand For Strays - Thailand: The amazing Thai community group Stand for Strays had created 'Homeless Allot Model', a functional shelter made for dogs by reusing old bilboards. This structure can be easily installed anywhere within Thailand to help protect our precious furry friends from the harsh climatic conditions. 

  2. Stray shelter - Ghaziabad, India: Built to last and help during the extreme weathers of summer and winter, a society in Vaishali, Ghaziabad, had created a shelter with proper roofs and blankets. Not only would these structures provide shade during the summer heat, but also warmth with the help of the blankets during the winters. 

  3. Eco brick shelter - Navi Mumbai, India: Using plastic bottle as bricks, the awesome team Uravi, decided to create shelters for dogs. Seeing them suffering in the unrelenting rain had sparked this amazing idea that not only helps save our community friends, but also works in a positive direction towards managing and recycle the excess amount of plastic waste. 


These incredible ideas have helped a lot of animals to survive during the harsh weather conditions. We are really grateful for these amazing people for going a step further in helping our lovely community animals. 

If you have any ideas to help make the lives of the community animals a little better or just want to suggest any other innitiatives taken for the same that we haven't covered, please write to us in the comments. 

 Till then, lots of woofs and wags to you !

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