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Are Playdates Important For Your Puppy? Read On!

To all the new pet parents out there, we are pretty sure that you have all had these thoughts. 'Should I take my precious baby to the park now or when he is a little grown up?' or 'Is my puppy going to be fine interacting with all the dogs out there?' These are normal questions that come up in every pet parents minds. We are here to make sure that we help you in this subject and remove such doubts from your lives forever. 

  1. Great form of workout: For puppies with exceptional amounts of energy, playing with their peers is not only a great from of excercise but also helps burn the excessive energy in them. They can go for infinite zoomies, or chase each other around till the sun goes down!


  2. Builds confidence in them: Playing with other dogs, interacting with them on a day-to-day basis, helps them to get comfortable around various other breeds. This builds their confidence in terms of interacting with other dogs, no matter their size or build. 


  3. Helps them understand social cues among peers: From body language depicting various emotions such as fear to playfulness, such cues can only be picked up when you're puppy gets to interact with other doggos. Seeing them interacting amongst one another, helps them understand and develop the sense of right and wrong when it comes to a social interaction.


  4. Develops good manners: Continuing from the previous point, observing social interactions and cues to be used in particular situation, helps your puppy develop good habits. They would be well mannered and more receptive towards understanding and receiving training, to help further develop their good manners. 

  5. Makes them happy and well adjusted: Playing amongst their peers from a very young age helps them to easily integrate amongst their fellow doggos. Not only do the have the freedom to be just wild and crazy with their games with each other, but also helps them form bonds with them at a young age.  


  6. Learn how to react while facing the unexpected: It is to be expected that while interacting a large group, there are going to be unexpected situations that pop up every now and then. Not to worry! These situations will only help train your pup in how they are supposed to face any unexpected situation that might come up in their life. 

Hope this helps ease whatever worries you had on sending your puppy to the playground. 

Till then, lots of woofs and wags to you! 

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