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Decoding Tail Wags

Pets say a lot just by wagging their tails. When your pooch wags their tail, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re happy. As pets reveal a lot about their mood and intentions with their tail wags, it’s important for us, pet parents, to understand what our fur babies are trying to communicate. 

Since dogs can’t verbally speak, they use their tail to communicate their feelings. Different tail wags have different meanings, so if you also wonder what tales those tail wags are telling, make sure to read ahead and take notes!


1. A happy doggo 

When you notice your dog is constantly wagging his tail back and forth, with the tail being high up at a normal height, it means your pooch is head-over-heals happy and excited. 


decoding tail wags happy dog

2. An alert doggo 

When you notice that your dog’s tail is high up with their ears standing it means that your pooch is curious or alert and is observing their surroundings or ready to pounce on something. 


decoding tail wags alert dog

3. A scared doggo

Dogs lower their tails and tuck it in between their legs when they’re scared of their surroundings or someone in their vicinity. Your pooch does this when they feel intimidated and does not want to be harmed. 


decoding tail wags scared dog

4. An angry doggo 

When your dog arches their tail high up and takes it back to a vertical position means that they are aggressive and are ready to attack the threat they perceive. This is your pooch’s confrontational stance and he’s ready to fight head on. 


decoding tail wags angry dog


Thus, it is important to keep in mind factors like the speed of the tail wag, the height at which the tail is, and even the direction of the tail wag to understand how exactly your dog is feeling.


Apart from the position of their tails, another thing which we should consider while trying to read a dog’s body language is the frequency of its tail wags. A high and constant frequency of wags indicates that your dog is super happy whereas a few wags means he’s unenthusiastic or is getting bored. 


decoding tail wags calm dog


Dogs with no tails approach people cautiously and make use of their expressions, ear positions and stance to communicate their feelings. 


Though each dog communicates differently and it maybe so that these pointers don’t apply to your fur baby in some cases, your pooch might have its own personalized way to talk or communicate with you. Just observing your pet on a daily basis might tell you a lot about your dog, all you have to do is notice their little movements and then you’re sorted!  

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