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Pet Dental Health: Dental Care Tips for Dogs

Bad breath, excessive drooling, swollen gums, tartar along the gums, discoloured teeth and other similar problems in dogs call for a visit to the vet. While dogs do not have dental problems as frequently as humans do, their teeth still need a lot of care and proper attention when any of the above signs are noticed. 

In order to avoid the above mentioned concerns, here are some dental care tips that you need to keep in mind while raising a dog:

  1. Brushing your dog’s teeth: Yes, it might sound tough but it is all about getting your little one used to the habit by positive reinforcement and other training techniques. If not daily, try to make this happen at least 3-4 times in a week. However, always remember that human toothpaste is poisonous for dogs and you should NEVER use that. Visit any local pet store for a safe paste which can be used for your pooch’s teeth.

    Credit: Wendy Hollands/flickr

  2. Get your pup lots of chew toys: Life couldn’t get better than this! Chew toys are favourite with probably 99% dogs. There are a variety of chew bones and toys available which are especially designed to control tartar in dogs and help clean their teeth. Ask your vet for recommendations or visit any local pet store and you will surely find many options to choose from. These toys help make your pooch’s teeth stronger and are the easiest way to help maintain good dental health for you BFF.


  3. Get oral care treats: Here’s some good news for your furry friend. There are many dog treats that are crafted keeping in mind dental care. These treats are available in different flavours, are edible and are a great way to reinforce positive behaviour as well, without posing a threat to your dog’s oral hygiene. 


  4. Regular visits to the vet: This always, always helps. Whether it is dental care or generic health check ups, a regular schedule helps keep difficult health situations at bay.

    Credit: Sherri Terri/flickr

  5. Focus on oral hygience since puppy days: Getting your dog accustomed to someone cleaning his teeth, daily brushing and so on is very important. And the best way to do that is by starting early. As they say, it is easier to form certain habits in childhood! 


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