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From a Doting Pet Parent: Dollar's Adoption Story

Author: Modali Sravani

I have always wanted to have a dog in my life. During the pandemic, we saw Dollar for the first time and she was a really small puppy. The adult dogs were chasing her so we brought her inside and gave her some milk. After that, she started coming to our house every day and used to play with us for hours together.

It was some days after this that we shifted to a new house, but our heart was still with Dollar. We missed her all the time and finally went back to our old house after a week to look for her. It was quite evident that she missed us too and she couldn't resist coming with us. We could not stop ourselves either and so she came with me on my Scooty.

From that day on, we decided to adopt her and take good care of her forever. However, it took her some time to adjust to a home environment as she was used to running around on the streets and being free. Loved overpowered all other feelings and we finally were able to win her heart. She didn't take long to to understand our way of living and soon became a very important part of it. She started responding to commands and enjoyed playtime like never before!

dog adoption-dollar story


Every morning, she wakes me up gently by tilting my face with her nose, and then gives lots of kisses to me. She loves to play with toys, including rope toys, balls and more. Tug of war is her favourite game and she always brings her toy to us so we can engage with her.

Every morning or evening, when anyone in the family has coffee, she demands milk in her bowl there and then. Isn't she a cutie?! This is her way of saying that we are one family and we must do everything together. That is something that melts my heart. 

Dollar has my heart, and in fact she makes anyone who comes home fall in love with her. We all talk to her like she is one of our own. And she truly is!

She is our everything, a kid for my parents, a sibling to me...our forever friend! With her, everyday of our lives is so beautiful.

If you've ever thought of adopting a dog, do consider an Indie and we promise it will be the most beautiful experience of your life.

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