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Happiness Is Just a Paw Away: A Heartwarming Story

Author: Aparajita Dandin

I clearly remember that special night when we were dreaming of adding another member to our family. The falling stars, the cool breeze and the morning had a plan for us. A little puppy was about to become a part of our family and he has indeed made a very special place in our hearts.

We all fell in love with his sparkling eyes the moment we saw him. I was not really sure about the decision as so far, I had been  scared of dogs. My family had to convince me a lot to get one home.

cute puppy sleeping

One fine day when I was at my workplace,when my ex-student came by with two adorable puppers in his hands. The puppies started licking my feet which scared me. I was shocked and scared at the same time. He asked me if I wanted to adopt one and I obviously disagreed. I don’t know what changed my mind,I called my parents to ask if they wanted to adopt a puppy. They were so excited and told me to get the puppy home immediately. I left my workplace with my ex-student and reached home. My family was overwhelmed looking at the puppy’s eyes. I couldn't say "no" to their happiness. Now came the moment when we had to pick one of the puppies up. To our surprise, one of the puppies went to my dad and started licking him. That’s when we knew he had chosen us as his family. We named him Fido.

first day puppy adoption

I slowly got used to him and he ensured I was not scared of dogs anymore. Now he understands all of us more than anyone else! Also, he surely knows how to convince us for treats or walks. He is a naughty puppy and even knows how to open his cupboard to take the treats in case we are not able to give them. My parents consider him as their own kid. We take him for outings and try to pamper him the most. He is, without a doubt, our little bundle of joy.

dog bow tie for the fur kids stars

He completely changed my outlook towards dogs and turned me into an ardent animal lover. I have rescued many dogs and helped them find their forever homes. In fact, Fido has changed me as person too! Whenever I was depressed, I would just sit and cry for no reason, but since I have started loving Fido I know there is always a fur baby to help me pull through any tough or depressing situation.

travel with dogs blog cocker spaniel

Life with Fido is like a joyride. We love taking him everywhere with us and he really enjoy that too. He is so pampered that when we go shopping, he also gets to choose his own things.

dog products shopping

My experience of adoption a pet has truly been very magical. Would each and everyone of you to give dogs a chance and consider adoption. Adopting a pet will bring a lot of happiness in your life and you will realize that happiness is just a paw away! What’s more, this step will also change the world for that dog. It can save his life!

If you’ve been thinking about getting a dog, I encourage you to consider adoption as happiness is truly a paw away. When a dog walks into our life, it gives a positive turn to a lot of things, thus changing our life for good.

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  • Truly inspiring!! Loved it

  • Nice

  • Blog was soo good n we got to know through blog how u have attached to Fido….. All the very best for upcoming blogs

    Ganesha Desai
  • Osmmmmm sis really ,well said, inspired a lotttt and fido is very lucky to have a cute family like dis , so loving fido 😘😘😘😘🥰💋


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