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The Heartwarming Story of Ashish and Champ

Author: Sharvari Sadgule

I met Ashish through a friend. It was our very first meeting and I saw a spark in that boy. I'll tell you why. Ashish was a 22-year old boy who had started to walk on the road to change the world, all alone.

He was the change he wanted to see in the world.

Ashish has planted over 150 trees on a local barren land and grown a jungle out of it. There, he also takes care of more than 60 stray dogs. He has rescued, spayed and vaccinated over hundred dogs.

dog blog-ashish and champ for the fur kids

One such rescue story that is very close to my heart is that of a darling named Champ.

It was one fine chilly evening when Champ and his family were casually lying around, happy and safe in each other's warmth and company, when a vehicle ran over them, killing everyone but our little Champ.

dog blog champ rescued dogs for the fur kids

The accident traumatized and also paralyzed Champ. It took away Champ's front limbs.

Ashish took this pup to various local vets who suggested that he should get him euthanized to end his suffering and pain. Ashish could not prepare himself to do that and decided that he should let Champ have his fair chance at life.

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It wasn't easy to see a childlike pup struggle to do simple puppy things like walking running and playing. Ashish got a walker made for champ but unfortunately, it didn't work out. He still didn't lose hope and decided to teach Champ to live the way he is. Today, Champ walks and runs on his two legs, like a happy baby kangaroo. It was Champ's stubbornness to live a happy life that made Ashish realise that he did deserve a chance at least.

Champ will never be a normal dog, but perhaps he wasn't meant to be one. Like his story, he's an extraordinary pupper who looks in the eye and tells that life isn't fair to anyone. If we just believe in ourselves, we can win over any challenge that comes our way.

dog blog for the fur kids champ

Today, Champ lives in the warmth of his forever home with his hooman, and a doggy brother. He loves ‘destroying’ furniture, biting and tearing off shirt sleeves. He loves treats and playing, without even realising what he's missing. It's not like he doesn't know the reality but Ashish says that Champ, in all his little ways, tries to love and tell that he is capable of loving like any other dog. That  is something Ashish cherishes and appreciates the most about Champ.

He says Champ teaches him that you can be someone who has everything and still be sad. Or, you can also be someone who doesn't have much and still be a Champ!

champ adopted dog


  • “Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.”
    To the others you may just be a normal guy, but for your four legged family 🐕🐾& for me you are a “REAL HERO”.
    Thank you so much Noble soul..
    Much love❤️ 🤗

    Renuka Dixit
  • i know this boy from Instagram only where i follow him.. he is very inspirational, i am also a animal lover but i think, i didnt do this much work for the voiceless like him… he is pure soul on this earth and an angel for 60 babies… i respect him alot ,his work, his love toward the nature and animals is just amazing… and i wish he became popular more for his good work so that people like us learnt from him
    .. and his chemistry with Mr. champ is just beyond from our imagination.. we need to feel it for understand and i think it can only possible either you have a pet or have a kind nature for animals.😇

    Pooja paliwal
  • Yes you are absolutely right:)
    We need more souls like ashish sir🌈❤

    Shital sharma
  • All the lifes have totally rights to live but we humans sometimes do a thing which can take any poor once life forever so we must be kind for all life😀

  • Bless you Ashish!! You are a true human being teaching the world what being a human is like!! 🙏🙏

    Amruta Bagwadkar

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