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How to Prepare Oneself for a Cat or Dog Adoption

Author: Laxmi Iyer Motling

Firstly, kudos if you have such a thought, as adoption itself is a noble thought and deed. Here's an adorable picture of our adopted baby Newton:


A lot of times you wish to have a pet because you may find them cute or feel you will have someone to play and chill with all day long.

The most important thing before becoming a pet parent is deciding on the reason. Why would you want to be one? Would you be able to give all the attention and love to the furry kid just as you would to a human child? Would you be able to stand up for your child when some people don't accept or appreciate your pet's presence around? Are you ready for slightly expensive trips, as pet-friendly spaces are less and might be heavy on the pocket?

If the answer to all of the above is YES, then you can safely go on to the next step.

You might always want a cute cuddly dog or cat that might just add to your personality and glamour. A lot of times you might also want to have a kitten or a puppy and not an adult furry kid.


Now is the time to think if you're okay adopting a cat or a dog that will survive longer and stay happier in the current climatic conditions or a fancy dog/cat breed that might struggle staying in the current situation. There are many homeless animals out there in shelters and on the streets and you can change their life for the good by giving them a home. It is important for you to know that a lot of times, some breeds are available for adoption too (you can check your local shelter for the same). You can also think about adopting them as they're homeless and can't survive on the streets.

Also, before you decide to go ahead with buying an expensive breed, give a thought to the state of a female dog/cat in a breeders den. That will hopefully immediately help you decide if you really want to buy or adopt a pet.

Always remember, you need to be headstrong about a few things and about the decision of supporting your pet no matter what. For instance, you will often come across people who will pin point animals as nuisance but don’t forget to keep your calm. Just hug your kid tightly and wish that the person is blessed with a fur baby or some fur baby blesses him/her with a kind heart. Trust me, it works like magic!


Try convincing your family as much as possible before you get a pet. But please do not go against their will as the furry baby is not going to live with you all alone. He has to be a part of the family and should be accepted by everyone at home.

Just like a new mother needs support and help from her family, so does every pet parent. What you could do is get a friend’s pet to your house for some time, try getting your family members comfortable around him/her and then consider adoption.

Next, you must always remember that a pet is not a substitute to any human absence and a pet is not for your therapy. Ofcourse they keep you sane and mentally fit, but that shouldn't be a reason for adopting a pet. Be there for your child like you would stand for any human. While you may have many well-wishers and a huge family, your furry kid has a huge heart to love all but will always have a special place for you.


Would again like to emphasize on the fact that please consider adoption whenever you plan to bring a dog or cat home. Adoption saves lives!

However, if you are unable to get a pet home, foster or sponsor the innocent stray dogs and cats around your house. Feed them and play with them everyday as the Earth is definitely a bigger playground than our restricted four walls.


PS: Laxmi Iyer Motling and her husband adopted a tiny kitten a while ago and feel that adoption is the best thing they could ever have done. They have raised Newton Motling as their darling baby and it has turned out to be oh-so-fulfilling!



  • Ani, yes. That is an important part. The writer has given an overview of how it can be expensive as well, and there are a lot of factors a part of it. It is just like having a baby!

    For The Fur Kids
  • Do mention about the expensive doctor trips most people don’t know about it


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