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How Goofy Made Her Way into Our Home: An Indie Adoption Story

Author: Akanksha Pidiha

I have been a dog person right from the beginning. Be it stray or breed dog, I have always loved all dogs from the bottom of my heart. My parents used to bring little puppies home when I was a kid as they observed my eyes always lit up with joy whenever I saw them.

Four years ago I wanted to get a breed dog but while I was making the decision, I met Goofy. She is just like any other stray dog u come across but truly a lot more to me. She is an amalgamation of true love, innocence, divine energy and a pure soul filled with loads of goofiness. Thus, I named her Goofy!

goofy adoption story

It was one fine day in December when my parents were out of town for a week and only my brother and I were at home. We came across a beautiful dog who used to be on the streets of our society. One night, I got spooked after hearing a creepy noise outside my house and when I opened the door, I saw this dog desperately searching for food in the dustbin kept outside. My heart melted like a candle at that moment! But by the time I could give her something, she was so petrified that she ran away leaving a longing in my heart for her. From that moment on I decided that no matter what, I have to feed her everyday.

As I started feeding her everyday, my brother also got attached to her gradually. She started coming to our house often. After that my parents came back and she barely left our doorstep. My instinct always told me to adopt her since the time I met her but my parents were not in favour of it at that time. So, I started searching for NGOs or people who could help her but nothing was working out.

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One day, a guy from our society got so angry on seeing her that he beat her with a pipe. My heart went out to her as I heard her scream in pain. I immediately went downstairs but I couldn’t find her as she was hiding under a car. She was teary eyes and seemed heartbroken. I can never forget that face ever! She was limping and my heart was sinking.

That was the very moment when I decided and told myself that no matter what, she is coming home forever. I took her home, aided her and we never looked back again after that day. To my surprise, my parents also supported me in this decision. It has been three years now and Goofy has become an integral part of our family. She is, in fact, the most loved kid of our house. The best part is that my parents love her as if she is their third child!

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I was amazed to see how indies are so wonderful and loving. Believe me when I say so, they are naturally trained doggos. I didn’t have a hard time training her at all. I felt as if she understood each and everything I told her.

Here’s my advice to all the pet parents out there, and to anyone who is planning to bring home a dog. Adopt an indie doggo and you’ll surely be the happiest person ever. Goofy changed our lives for the good. If you adopt a dog, you will not only change the world for that dog but your life will become more positive too.

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