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For The Love of Dogs: Straight from a Dog Trainer’s Heart

Author: Sharvari Sadgule

I was always fascinated by dogs. Since the age of nine, I have prayed and begged for one. Finally against the wishes of my family, I got one when I turned 20 and had started my senior college. It was heartwarming to see how everyone accepted him and started loving him like their own. It didn't take long for him to become everybody's WORLD. We named the little boy Whiskey.


There's nothing new I can write to tell you how beautiful your life becomes after you get a dog. But mine totally changed. It would be safe to say my dog gave a new purpose to my life.


Whiskey taught me compassion, he taught me love. After he came into my life, not once did I miss a dog on the roads, not once did I miss the innocence in their eyes or the wag in their curly tails. As far as I can remember, there was not a single day that passed without me feeling in love with dogs all over again.

Whiskey turned me into a crazy obsessive dog lover to an extent where I wished my life and every hour, minute or second of it was filled with dogs.


Years passed by, I became an architect, got a job and my love for dogs only grew. But I always felt like something was not in place. I started wondering what could I possibly do to suppress my urge to be with dogs all the time. So  I started working in rescues and rehabilitation centres. That's when I found my happiness and found what life really meant for me. Everything seemed to fall in place all of a sudden. And instead of suppressing my urge, I decided to nourish the idea. I went ahead, pursued my passion and became a dog trainer.

It was not easy. My dreams, my desires had to knock several times for me to realise that this was it. At first, it was scary to leave everything and start doing something you love but know nothing about. But, it was also a rare chance which I got. I got an opportunity to be able to pursue my dreams, my happiness. My days now start and end with dogs filled in between by architecture as well and I have never been happier.


Dogs have this tendency to turn an ordinary life into a life you are actually happy about. This turned out true for me! ❤

Do you believe dogs have that magic too? Share your story in the Comments section below and let’s all come together to share the love of dogs.

PS: Sharvari Sadgule is a canine behaviourist and trainer in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. If you wish to connect with her regarding any pet training related queries, please feel free to email at or call 7276835355.


  • I fell in love seeing the pic of whiskey when he was a puppy and its very adorable no wonder she fell in love with him 😍… Each and every word is beautiful 💯

    Mustafa sakerwala
  • Excellent….Dogs basically are best companion in sorrow, loneliness also. In addition, trained dogs means more than magic. Your this artical on my friend delighted me…. Best of luck to you..

  • Must be real wrenching situation to decide and take up some thing you love.. Unconventional.. un explored yet dear to heart . Great work

  • Not everyone gets a chance to be at peace with their work. You’re one of those very lucky person. Wishing you all the best.

    Armaan Ansari
  • You’ve almost mastered that!
    I liked your journey and i wonder having a dog can be this interesting, your journey is helping developing interest in pets.

    Swapnil Shinde

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