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The Other Side of the Rainbow Bridge

Author: Ragini Mehra

Meadows, meandering streams and butterflies that I can run to catch without a worry.

A fairytale like setting, with sunshine and smiles all around.

And the best part? So many fellow four-legged companions to play with, date (once in a while!) and eat my favourite chew toys with.

Let me take you around to the other side of Heaven, just a few paws away. Let me tell you all about the Rainbow Bridge so you see me off happily.

When I came here first, I looked back and saw the world I left behind. The fur on my tail had withered but as I approached this idyllic setting, my bushy tail was right up there, out and about. The many years had given me a white snout over my pretty black furry face. But this Bridge is almost like the Mirror of Erised, showing me all that my heart desired, making everything so approachable. Yet again, I have a huge black furry face that everyone loves to cuddle. Trust me when I say I’m free of the pain and my eyes have the sparkle of a puppy again!

This side of the Rainbow Bridge has welcomed me with warmth, comfort, food, love and the most wonderful company of my furry friends, everything I could ever have wished for! All I miss here is you! But with so much to do, I’m surrounded by happiness all the time and passing it on to you from above.

Take your time because my favourite humans need you right now but when you come, we’ll walk down the path together. We’ll jump to pluck the prettiest flower, we’ll run around after the colourful balloons and we’ll cuddle each other like there’s no tomorrow. I’ll be the drool machine I was, you be my love, my two-legged partner! We’ll walk down the path to Heaven, we’ll cross the Rainbow Bridge together.

Till then, always remember…

“क्या बताऊँ माँ कहाँ हूँ मैं...

यहाँ उड़ने को मेरे खुला आसमान है!

तेरे क़िस्सों जैसा भोला, सलोना जहान है यहाँ सपनो वाला

मेरी पतंग हो बिफ़िकर उड़ रही है माँ...

डोर कोई लूटे नहीं, बीच से काटे ना||”

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