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Rakhi essentials from For The Fur Kids

What better way to strengthen the bonds between us and our doggos besides Rakhi? Rakhi is the Hindu festival, celebrating the bonds between siblings and families. This tradition is used not only to strengthen the bonds between siblings but also familes. We have brought to you some essential items that you allow your precious fur baby to enjoy and be the cutest little addition to your family this festival! 

  1. Rakhi needs a Rakhi!: The first and the most essential item for this festival is, ofcourse, a rakhi. At our store, we have hand-made croceted rakhi's made with love and care by Maryann Taylor. Not only do these rakhis feel good to the touch and sight, but also allow us to feed one community dog everytime you buy it! 


  2. Traditional Clothes for our traditional doggos: It's the indian way to be wearing a nice sherwani while celebrating any festival. This does not only help us look good and feel good but also connects us to our culture in a deeper level. A lovely red sherwani made of premium quality brocade and cotton lining would not only be comfortable for your dog but also let them shine the brightest in the whole room! 


  3. Twin with your lovely beta/beti: If you are someone who like to twin with your baby or who's baby is not fond of clothes, then we have got you covered! With our twining set,  rock this festival with a royal blue traditional print scarf and bandana. Steal the show with this awesome set and be the talk of the town! 


  4. Food, Food,Food!: Another essential part of any festival is the food! For us hoomans, we end up having a lot of variety for the day, but the same cannot be said for our fur babies. In order to remedy that, we present you with our wide range of treats, ranging from gourmet to normal sticks or bones, so that your doggo can also enjoy and have a fun sensory exprience. We also have dental treats, which would help battle any dental problems after eating, so you can keep your mind at ease while their breathe smells fresh.


  5. Red is best: For all our gentleman doggos out there, we haven't forgotten about you! To all the fur babies, who look like dashing princes while wearing bowties, we have the red bandhani print bowties, to celebrate the indian look while giving you the classy and elegent feel. Strut in your home with this bowtie and garner the attention of any and everyone around you! 


  6. Intricate designs to win all hearts: To everyone with a keen eye for detail, who want their babies to have the most delicately designed ethnic wear, we've got you. The patola bandana is made from the traditional patola print fabric, along with a lovely intricate border to make the design pop, this bandana would be a lovely addition to your fur babies bandana collection as well as help them shine in this festive season! 


  7. Gifts!: Last but not least, the gifts. Any festival, esspectially Rakhi, is not complete without the exchange of gifts. Since our doggos cannot indulge in sweets like we can, we have to resort to other things to make sure that our babies are included in this tradition. With our vast range of toys, you never have worry about running out of options, while trying to find the prefect gift for your fur babies! From rope toys to squeaky toys we have got them all! 


Even though we are ending our list here, we would like to remind you that sometimes, it's the amount of love and attention that we give our fur babies that make any day, turn into a special day for them. So, this festive season, no matter how many things come pilling on top, or how many unexpected disasters happen, let's not forget to love them and make them feel special, whether it is through gifts,hugs, kisses or just a lot of love! 

Till then, lots of woofs and wags to you !

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