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Summer Care Tips for Community Dogs

Summer is a season when we switch on the A/C and take a nice cold drink of water or any other cooled beverage to beat the heat! But for our community dogs out there, tackling this unrelenting weather is not that easy. With that in mind, we have curated some tips that we could follow to assist our fellow community dogs in beating the heat. 

  1. Place water bowls around your neighbourhood: Summer means a lot of heat and heat cause excessive sweating. Just like us human, community dogs need to stay hydrated in order to make up for the water lost through sweat. That’s why placing water bowls is a great way to help them beat the heat and also provides them with a safe hygienic source of water.


  2. Provide them with a makeshift shelter: Just like us community dogs are also vulnerable to heat strokes during the summer season. Apat from this, they can also get brain damage or even die in severe cases. Providing them with a makeshift shelter gives them a chance to stay out of direct sunlight and get some relief from this unrelenting weather.

    Credit: David jDalley/flickr

  3. Offer them buttermilk/curd at regular intervals: Offering your community dogs buttermilk/curd might sound strange, but we assure you that it is not! Buttermilk and curd contain certain cool microorgainsms in them that help your community dogs beat the heat and the lactic acid bacteria present in them helps regulate their digestion.


  4. Give them fruity treats like watermelon and cucumber: You might be wondering why we have specified watermelon and cucumber in this tip. It’s because both the fruit and vegetable contain upto 90% water in them! This makes your community dogs hydrated and gives them a tastey refreshing treat to munch on!

    Credit: Benjamin Hirsch/flickr

  5. Check underneath before starting the car: As mentioned in the previous tip, heat can be mildly dangerous to leathal to your community dogs. In case of the absence of any shelter nearby, they tend to rest underneath your car to escape the heat. Forgoing this tip might lead to a dog being physically deformed, disabled or even being dead. So we ask you to please check underneath before starting your car.


We would love to hear your thoughts on this blog and how helpful it has been to all of you. If you have anymore tips or trick to help your community dogs beat the heat, write to us in the comments section down below. 

Until then a lot of woofs and wags to you! 

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