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Summer is Swimming Season!

Whenever we think of summer, swimming is something that comes in everyone's minds. Swimming is a great way for anyone to cool down while tackling the brutal summer heat. For all of those who are afraid if it is good for their dogs, we have come up with great reasons to change your mind. 

  1. Keeps them healthy: Swimming, like any other activity is good for your dog. What makes it special is the fact that while swimming your dog does deep-breathing, which also strengthens the heart and the lungs. This not only helps them in their daily life but also increases their endurance in the long run.  

  2. Strengthens the joints: Swimming, no matter how daunting it might be, is an amazing low-impact workout. The buoyancy provided helps reduce any strains on joints. This helps your dog to relax and move around without putting much strain on their joints like they usually do, thus helping your dog, workout and strengthen them!

  3. Relieves pain and stress: Just like us humans experience a floating feeling in the water, dogs experience the same. The first time they feel this feeling might result in panic but overtime, they start to relax and get comfortable with it. This also helps them de-stress. As far as the pain is concerned, the buoyancy force relieves any strains thereby reducing the overall pain. The freedom of moving without leash also makes swimming a great de-stress activity.

  4. Great for overweight dogs: The main problem while trying to help your overweight dog loose weight is that the excess activities might end up putting a lot of strain on their joints. With the water taking care of most of their weight, overweight dogs can easily move, thereby reducing more calories in water as compared to land!

  5. Great summer activity: The last fun fact is that, both you and your dog can enjoy this activity together!  Where it is at the beach or even at your local swimming pool, you and your dog are guaranteed to have fun doing this together


Every dog is different, for some swimming would be as easy as breathing for others this might be a little more daunting. No matter the case once your dog gets comfortable with water we assure you that both of you would have a great time doing this activity. Hope this helps you to go out and enjoy a fun day with your dogs. If there are any other points that you would like to mention, please write to us on the comments. 

Till then, lots of woofs and wags to you! 

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