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  • 10 Cat Care Tips Every New Cat Parent Must Know

    If you’re a first-time cat parent, here are ten tips from a doting pet parent on how to take care of your new feline friend. Read on to know about the top pet care tips if you're planning to get home a cat.
  • Useful Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe This Diwali

    As we gear up for Diwali celebrations, we must keep in mind the safety of our pets and the strays dogs around our houses.  This can be a very stressful experience for dogs, with the loud noises causing them to even get sick at times. Here are some tips to help you keep your pet safe this Diwali. And some tips on how you can help stray dogs in the Diwali days.

  • The Other Side of the Rainbow Bridge

    Meadows, meandering streams and butterflies that I can run to catch without a worry. A fairytale like setting, with sunshine and smiles all around. And the best part? So many fellow four-legged companions to play with, date (once in a while!) and eat my favourite chew toys with.

    Let me take you around to the other side of Heaven, just a few paws away. Let me tell you all about the Rainbow Bridge so you see me off happily.

  • Pooch Safe Holi: Ensure a Pet-Friendly Holi with These Useful Tips

    While we want to celebrate all special occasions with our furry babies, it is also our responsibility to understand that our pets and the strays ar...
  • Most Important Winter Care Tips for Dogs

    Looking for winter care tips for your pet? Here is something that will help you protect them from the cold and give them a happy, healthy season.