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Stray All The Way - A Tale of 2 Humans Living for the Four-Legged

Author: Stray All The Way

We’re Hari and Apoorva, both of us are students and like-minded people who are trying their best to bring out a little change in the world, and here we are, rescuing, fostering, feeding and taking care of strays. We’ve rescued birds, dogs, pigs, cows, and cats! We are not basically a NGO or a team. Just two best friends trying to make people aware and do whatever they can. Sometimes we’ve committed blizzards to save animals!
I still remember we saw a little calf on the main road once, he was nearly 1-2 months, his hind leg was bleeding alot and we got really scared. As we had no idea about how to treat cows, we called our friends who have four wheelers and got his treatment done.
No NGO was ready to foster him, so a friend fostered him. And for almost a month we went to his place daily for his dressing and medicines. He is doing now fine. :)
This baby kitten is Veera. Apoorva named her veera which means strong/warrior, you’ll know why. We were having lunch when we got a call from a little girl. She had found a kitten in very bad condition. We told her the treatment and aftercare but the girl panicked and sent us the kitten's picture, she looked to be in a very serious condition. We rushed her to the hospital and then Apoorva took her home. She used to set an alarm for every two hours to syringe feed her. I still remember what she used to tell me, "Hari, I just hope she makes it, every time I enter her room I pray that she is safe", and in the end she fought, she fought like a warrior and became Apoorva’s forever! Here is a picture of how Veera looks today...
This brings us to the tale of Kaalu, a stray pup who came into our lives. When we found him, he was badly injured in an accident and was in immense pain. After check ups and sonography, doctor told us there are 5% chances of him walking again. Apoorva broke down that time and Kaalu bit Hari very badly back then. However, we did not give up hope. We drove 10 kilometres daily for his physiotherapy and medicines. And after 2 months of hardwork, Kaalu is perfectly fine and can even run and jump around now.
dog recovering from accident kaalu
We would like to share yet another story to motivate everyone out there to help as many stray animals as possible. The story of Baloo is very close to our heart. We found him near Hari’s house on a very busy road. He was so tiny and weak that at first we thought of him as a small garbage bag. This is how he looked -
tiny stray dog helped
But when we saw from up close, it turned out to be a dog! So we gave him emergency treatment and Hari took him home and used to care for him round the clock. His parents were so angry but after sometime they weren’t able to resist themselves and started loving Baloo.☺ That's how Baloo recovered - 
baloo dog growing up well
Sometimes it gets very difficult to take care of so many things with our little pocket money, so we thought we should share these things with someone and that's how our initiative 'Stray All The Way' began.
We’re happy and grateful to God for giving us the ability to see their pain and help them in need. It is not more than a miracle that these little angels come into our lives and teach us the meaning of love. I hope our parents understand that we’re helping strays doesn’t mean we are not serious about our future. We want to work and study harder so we can help more and more strays.

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