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Tips to keep your dogs safe in the summer heat

From allowing us to experiencing the bliss of a swimming pool and provinding the perfect weather for an outing to creating potential hazards for our pets, the summer heat comes with a lot of pros and cons. Here are some tips to keep your precious fur babies safe from the heat so you can enjoy it to the fullest:

  1. Plenty of water to drink: In case of us hoomans, we would generally suffer from dehydration due to the heat. The same is applicable for our doggos. Having adequate and safe water to drink is essential for maintaining their normal temperature in this weather. In case they are not familiar with drinking from an unusual container, it is advised that you carry their water bowl with you whenever you go outside. 

  2. Don't stay under the sun for too long: Apart from staying directly undet the sun, the current temperature is not ideal for your precious fur baby. We advise you to stay under the shade while going out or if they are living in their separate dog house, make sure that it is ventilated properly. In case you leave them home for long durations like, going out to shop, or any other reason; make sure that you turn on the A/C to make sure that the room temperature remains nice and cool. 

  3. Shorter walks: We understand how important it is to make sure that your baby stays in shape! But with consideration to this weather, we would like to ask you to think of shorter walks as opposed to the regular longer ones. It would not only save your baby from being targeted by dehydration or a heat stroke, but also give you more time to play with your baby indoors. You can take the extrat time to play games with them and develop your relationship with them! 

  4. Pools are Cool: Apart from the A/C and regular intake of water, going to the pool is also another way to ensure that you baby doesn't overheat. Plus, going to the pool would allow them the chance to meet with their friends and make new ones over there. Swimming is also an excellent form of excercise. 

  5. A Stroller or a Piggy-Back Ride: Unlike us, doggos have to have direct contact with the hot asphalt while taking walks. Their paws are always in contact with the bubbling ground, and might not give indication of discomfort or a burn. Thus it is adviseable to either let them ride a stroller or carry them, in order to avoid their paws being burned. 

  6. Signs of Overheating: Sometimes, even after taking all the precautions in the world, our doggos might get sick from overheating. In those cases, it's very important to take them to the vet, before their condition gets worse. In order to provide with timely intervention, it is important that we know and recognise the signs of overheating! 


We hope that we were able to help you out with taking care of your doggos this summer and enjoy your time with them to the fullest! 

If you have anyother tips or tricks in mind, please write to us on the comments section below. 

Till then lots of woofs and wags to you!

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