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Top Pet Friendly Cafes In Goa

A sweet Goa trip hurts nobaady!!! Not even your pooch, and did you know that Goa is heaven for pet-parents and their furbabies. With a pool full of pet friendly restaurants Goa is filled with up and coming cafes which welcome pets. 

We at For The Fur Kids, have rounded up the best pet friendly cafes in Goa just for you.

1. Jamun

 Good food, amazing company and pleasant Goa weather is what this beautiful cafe has to offer. With scrumptious food and drinks and an all round hospitality which they extend to our fur babies as well is what Jamun is known for. A visit to Jamun is a must if you’re in Goa with your pup. 

pet friendly cafes Goa jamun


Location -  Mazal Vado, Assagao, Goa

2. Gunpowder

Gunpowder is home to many furry friends, with so many in house pets, it only makes sense for a cafe as such to be pet friendly. The staff is warm and friendly to our four legged friends and serve amazing food and drinks. Gunpowder is a must visit for all the pet parents along with their fur babies if they are planning a fun trip to Goa. 

Location -  Saunto Vaddo, Assagao, Goa 

Pet friendly cafes in Goa gunpowder cafes

3. Mojigao

This cafe has a dreamy foresty setting and serves healthy meals for pets and their parents. The in house fur babies are the perfect playdates for your pooch. You should definitely visit Mojigao if you are planning a trip to Goa with your pooch.


Location - Off Assagao road, Assagao, Goa

pet friendly cafes in Goa mojigao


4. Toro Toro 

A pawsome place to go to with your pooch, Toro Toro is an amazing find. With food for both doggos and their hoomans, this aesthetic cafe is a perfect chill spot for fur babies and their parents. A haven for pet parents this cafe won’t disappoint your pooch. 

Location -  Calangute - Anjuna Rd, Arpora, Goa

Pet friendly cafes in Goa toro toro


5. Jamming Goat Cafe

Located in the busy streets of calungute this cute pet friendly cafe welcomes pets and their parents with open arms and delicious food and drinks. The cafe is in a close proximity to Calangute beach so after a hearty meal you can go for a walk with your fur baby. 

Location - Majorda, Goa

pet friendly cafes in Goa jamming goat cafe


6. Artjuna 

Looking for a cute place for a day out with your fur baby? Well , look no more because we have the perfect recommendation for you! Artjuna is the perfect spot for a day out with your dog in Goa. With their in house pets, we bet  your pet will have a gala time at this prime spot in Goa

Location - Monteiro Vaddo, Anjuna, Goa

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