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Most Important Winter Care Tips for Dogs

Pet parents, lend me your ears!

Does your dog love the cold weather? Or does he like to cuddle up in your lap, or on your favourite couch when it is that time of the year? Both ways, there are some essential steps we must take in order to protect our fur babies during the winter season. While we have all been shopping for the most beautiful overcoats, pullovers and all sorts of winter clothes for us, it’s time to stock up the same for our fur babies too. And we’re sure, lovely pet parents, that you have been doing just that!

Here are some more tips that will make things a tiny bit easier for you and your dog when winter arrives:

1. Proper Bedding and Warm Clothes: The most basic step to protect your dog during winter is getting ample warm coats and good quality bedding for him or her. All local pet shops have a great variety of both and there are many websites which enable you to buy the same online. Sweaters, coats and jackets for dogs are available in different kinds of materials, designs and colours. You can also get a little creative and customize them with your dog’s name or prints/embroidery of things your dog likes. Some pets may also be comfortable with shoes so get those only if you feel that your dog is not getting irritated wearing them.


2. Sunshine: Plan fun outings with your pet during daytime so that both of you get enough sunshine for a happy and healthy life. If you do not have time for anything elaborate, simply walk down to the nearby park and play rounds of fetch, which will warm up your little dumpling and give him/her lots of exercise.


3. Food Habits: Our furry friends tend to get super lazy during the winter season and thus, the calorie intake requirement can go down. Ensure that you balance their meal plans accordingly so that they do not gain that extra layer of fat, which may be difficult to shed later. However, getting dehydrated is a common thing so offering enough clean water at all times is a must. It is also a good idea to ensure that the water bowl is placed at an approachable spot.


4. Staying Indoors: It is as important for your pets to stay indoors with you as it is to take them out in the sunshine for exercise. The nights are especially colder and it is not a wise decision at all to tie the dog in the verandah or any open space that you may have. Please keep them inside the house, and set up their bed in one of the comfortable corners of the house, and if possible in your room. Don’t leave your pet outside under any circumstances.


5. Protection from Burns: Just like us, our furry friends also feel good when they are in an air conditioned room. And during winter season, if they happen to discover the source of the warm air, they will try and explore it further more. This curiosity can often lead to burns if they manage to go too close to the heaters, lamps and other heat producing objects. Beware of such possibilities and ensure that all such appliances are kept at places which are not easily approachable.

6. Grooming and Moisturizing: Every time you give your dog a bath, ensure that you dry him/her properly with a towel. This will prevent the fur coat from fleas and ticks. Also, it is very essential to use paw butter and provide enough moisturizing to your fur kid’s paws and nose to prevent cracks.

If you have a senior dog, do consult your vet for supplements which may help ease joint pains as they can really go up during the cold season. Also, take simple precautions to offer the maximum comfort to your pooch.


For instance, if you usually go for an exercise session or walk for about 30 minutes, reduce it to 10 minutes. Senior dogs might also need more layers of clothing as compared to young dogs. So, it will be a good idea to try the same and see if your pooch is comfortable with the extra layers during winter.

Winter Care Tips for Strays: Do Your Bit Now!

While there are many things we would do for the pooches at our house, how about going that extra mile and offering some warmth and comfort to the street pooches? Offer lukewarm water to them, make them wear warm coats and give them a little space in your house, especially at night, to keep them warm.

We’d love to hear stories of how you took care of your dog or the adorable street pooches during winter. Don’t forget to share adorable pictures of the babies wearing coats and jackets too!


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