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Dog Bow Tie Combo: Wedding/Ethnic Wear Bows for Pets (Blue & Pink)

Dog Bow Tie Combo: Wedding/Ethnic Wear Bows for Pets (Blue & Pink)

For The Fur Kids
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Introducing the “two-in-a-box” handmade Indian traditional/festive premium collection by For The Fur Kids. The “two-in-a-box” collection has products carefully curated and sourced from different parts of India, and handmade with love from excellent quality fabric by the best Indian karigars. As they say, one bow tie is never enough so this set of two traditional wedding bow ties by For The Fur Kids has been put together by our team for your darling pet. These bow ties will ensure your baby is clicked multiple times and showered with compliments where ever they go. These bow ties are a classic and great addition to your pet's ethnic wardrobe collection, making them look like royalty!

These bow ties can be used as daily wear accessories as well as they are super comfortable. They are also ideal for special occasions, weddings and festivals. 

Both bows have a stretchable strap at the back which you can put around the collar. This ensures a comfort fit for both the accessories as they can be easily adjusted on your pet's existing collar. Our pet bow ties are lightweight, easy to put on and comfortable for your pet to wear all day long.

Each purchase helps sponsor meals and medical care of homeless animals.