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Why Is Vaccination Important For Community Dogs?

Vaccination is something that has become important and essential for us hoomans and our furry friends. Not only can vaccination save lifes but also helps curb the number of heathcare crisises a species would face without the invention of it. 

  1. Protection from diseases: Just like vaccination helps us hoomans prevent from being infected by infectious and dangerous diseases, its is the same for our cute doggos. Not only would it stop the spread of dangerous viral diseases among them but also prevent it from mutating and spreading to hoomans as well. 

  2. Improving animal welfare: The reduced number of diseased dogs means that the quality of life is improving a little for our cute streeties. The risk of them getting infected reduces significantly with the help of vaccines, letting them enjoy a happy lifestyle.   

  3. Reducing healthcare costs: With the help of vaccination, the number of diseased dogs roaming the streets would go down, thereby making it easier for us to take care of them all and not worry about arranging the costs for the treatment of many. 

  4. Animal birth control: Not only would this allow us to stop the rapid increase in the populace of streeties, but also it would allow us to ensure the the current existing once can get to enjoy their life to the maximum. 


Vaccination is not only important in hoomans but also in doggos, no matter if they are our pets or streeties. Ensuring that these kind creatures get a fair chance at expriencing a good life is something the we have to make sure. 

 Till then, lots of woofs and wags to you !


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