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Summer Pet-Care Tips for Your Fur Babies

Heat! Heat! Heat! Us hoomans are tired of this heat! Even though we use various means to cope with the scorching temperatures, our precious doggos can’t do the same. Unlike us they can’t just dress down to suit the ever-increasing temperature. So, we would like to show you some ways in which you could help make this heat bearable for your lovely fur babies.

  1. Keep them hydrated: Just like us, dogs need to stay hydrated. They are more likely to get overheated due to the luscious fur that covers their body. Ensuring they stay hydrated helps compensate for the water lost due to perspiration and helps ensure that their body remain cool for longer.


  2. Walk them at cooler times of the day: Just because it’s hot doesn’t mean that we can stop taking our dogs out for walks or zoomies. Exercising is just as important as staying hydrated. What we can do to help our doggos out is to make sure that we go out for such excursions during the cooler times of the day. Doing so would make sure that they would not lose as much water as they would during the peak hours. It would also make sure that your doggo’s paws don’t get hurt by the heated pavement that they would walk on.


  3. Let your dog rest as much as they like: Rest is necessary for everyone this season. Just like us hoomans, doggos also like to rest. Unlike us, they don’t have to worry about jobs or meetings or bills, so it’s okay to let them rest for as long as they want.


  4. Swimming sessions: Another fun activity that you can engage in with your fur babies is to go for a nice relaxing swim. It would allow them to not only stretch their muscles but also act as a good bonding moment for the both of you!


  5. Use cooling mats, towels, and collars: Thanks to the modern ever-advancing society, we now have access to things like cooling collars, harnesses, mats, etc. So don’t shy away from using them for making our doggos lives easier. Their happy wags and licks would be worth the investment for buying the same. Otherwise, we can go for the traditional cold towels, to help cool down their body.


  6. Make some ice treats: Everyone loves ice cream and our doggos do too! Making fun homemade ice pops for your doggo can be a great bonding and fun experience. It could also be used as a treat for rewarding your good boys/girls!


  7. Grooming is the key: Just like us doggos also sweat a lot during summer. So it is imminent that we ensure that their body remains clean and well taken care of. Bathing would help remove the built up dirt and dust that gets collected on their fur throughout the day. Getting an occasional haircut would decrease the fur density, making them feel lighter and brighter!


The most important thing is to pay attention to your precious fur baby and look out for signs which might indicate that they are not able to cope with the heat too well!

If you have any other suggestion please write in the comments down below!

Till then, lots of woofs and wags to you!


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