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  • 10 Cat Care Tips Every New Cat Parent Must Know

    If you’re a first-time cat parent, here are ten tips from a doting pet parent on how to take care of your new feline friend. Read on to know about the top pet care tips if you're planning to get home a cat.
  • Useful Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe This Diwali

    As we gear up for Diwali celebrations, we must keep in mind the safety of our pets and the strays dogs around our houses.  This can be a very stressful experience for dogs, with the loud noises causing them to even get sick at times. Here are some tips to help you keep your pet safe this Diwali. And some tips on how you can help stray dogs in the Diwali days.

  • The Other Side of the Rainbow Bridge

    Meadows, meandering streams and butterflies that I can run to catch without a worry. A fairytale like setting, with sunshine and smiles all around. And the best part? So many fellow four-legged companions to play with, date (once in a while!) and eat my favourite chew toys with.

    Let me take you around to the other side of Heaven, just a few paws away. Let me tell you all about the Rainbow Bridge so you see me off happily.

  • The Heartwarming Story of Ashish and Champ

    Ashish took this pup to various local vets who suggested that he should get him euthanized to end his suffering and pain. Ashish could not prepare himself to do that and decided that he should let Champ have his fair chance at life.
  • Impulsive Buying of Dogs versus Adoption: What’s Your Pick?

    If you can promise at least 10 years of love, care and responsibility, it would be great to see you have a pet. If you can't, please consider other myriad options of being close to animals such as feeding strays, volunteering at a shelter, donating or sponsoring for animals or creating awareness about animal welfare.
  • How Goofy Made Her Way into Our Home: An Indie Adoption Story

    I took her home and we never looked back after that day. To my surprise, my parents also supported me in this decision. It has been three years now and Goofy has become an integral part of our family. She is, in fact, the most loved kid of our house. The best part is that my parents love her as if she is their third child!
  • Voice of the Streets: Desi Dogs and Coexistence

    Street dogs barking continuously is not noise, it's their response to any suspicious activity. Street dogs entering your house is not invasion, it is a search for a square of land to sleep on. Street dogs following you is not an indication of bite, it is their hope of you offering them some food or love.

    The next time you see a dog with a new litter of pups, you know what to do. For when you give them a tiny part of your heart, they'll keep it safely for all their years on your street.

  • Happiness Is Just a Paw Away: A Heartwarming Story

    The falling stars, the cool breeze and the morning had a plan for us. A little puppy was about to become a part of our family and he has indeed made a very special place in our hearts. Read on to know more about this heartwarming adoption story.
  • Rescue, Foster, Adopt, REPEAT!

    Indies have personalities that are unique and full of surprises! We had a few streeties in our campus that would hang around with us. They’d get all the love and food they wanted. It was then that I understood what it meant to take care of a dog that wasn’t anyone’s specifically, but instead, everyone shared their love equally. 

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  • Understanding Pet Parenting: Are You Ready For It?

    Author: Sohini Chaki Roy Are you planning to have a pet? It is exactly like having a little kid. Do you know each and every responsibility of a pe...
  • 10 Aww-dorable Things Dogs Do

    Author: Ragini Mehra When we say dogs are the cutest, the most adorable beings ever, we are damn serious. And hey, we don't just say anything until...