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  • The Heartwarming Story of Ashish and Champ

    Ashish took this pup to various local vets who suggested that he should get him euthanized to end his suffering and pain. Ashish could not prepare himself to do that and decided that he should let Champ have his fair chance at life.
  • How Goofy Made Her Way into Our Home: An Indie Adoption Story

    I took her home and we never looked back after that day. To my surprise, my parents also supported me in this decision. It has been three years now and Goofy has become an integral part of our family. She is, in fact, the most loved kid of our house. The best part is that my parents love her as if she is their third child!
  • Happiness Is Just a Paw Away: A Heartwarming Story

    The falling stars, the cool breeze and the morning had a plan for us. A little puppy was about to become a part of our family and he has indeed made a very special place in our hearts. Read on to know more about this heartwarming adoption story.
  • Django’s Adoption Story: First Ever Adoption by For The Fur Kids

    Just like most special things, we too had humble beginnings. Working with limited capacity, we were hoping to facilitate a dog adoption some day. A...
  • Understanding Pet Parenting: Are You Ready For It?

    Author: Sohini Chaki Roy Are you planning to have a pet? It is exactly like having a little kid. Do you know each and every responsibility of a pe...
  • How to Prepare Oneself for a Cat or Dog Adoption

    Author: Laxmi Iyer Motling Firstly, kudos if you have such a thought, as adoption itself is a noble thought and deed. Here's an adorable picture of...
  • Here’s What I Learnt When I Adopted My First Ever Dog

    Sharing the story of our Mylo and would like you to take a moment and think about how you can change their lives. Remember that animals have feelings too and the Mother Earth is for everyone. Please do think about adopting a dog because “One love is all we need".