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  • Impulsive Buying of Dogs versus Adoption: What’s Your Pick?

    If you can promise at least 10 years of love, care and responsibility, it would be great to see you have a pet. If you can't, please consider other myriad options of being close to animals such as feeding strays, volunteering at a shelter, donating or sponsoring for animals or creating awareness about animal welfare.
  • Voice of the Streets: Desi Dogs and Coexistence

    Street dogs barking continuously is not noise, it's their response to any suspicious activity. Street dogs entering your house is not invasion, it is a search for a square of land to sleep on. Street dogs following you is not an indication of bite, it is their hope of you offering them some food or love.

    The next time you see a dog with a new litter of pups, you know what to do. For when you give them a tiny part of your heart, they'll keep it safely for all their years on your street.

  • Rescue, Foster, Adopt, REPEAT!

    Indies have personalities that are unique and full of surprises! We had a few streeties in our campus that would hang around with us. They’d get all the love and food they wanted. It was then that I understood what it meant to take care of a dog that wasn’t anyone’s specifically, but instead, everyone shared their love equally. 

  • Stray All The Way - A Tale of 2 Humans Living for the Four-Legged

    The story of 2 like-minded individuals trying their best to bring out a little change in the world by rescuing, fostering, feeding and taking care of strays.